Arvind Ravikumar

The Sustainable Energy Transition Lab takes an interdisciplinary approach to research. You’re often not just an engineer, or a systems scientist, or a public policy analyst – you are all of them. Because of this, the research can be challenging and often vague, but provides critical insights that would be impossible for any one disciplinary perspective. We borrow and adapt methods from engineering, economics, and public policy to answer questions surrounding sustainable energy transitions. And if you join my research group, expect to learn a range of skills that goes well beyond research.

My work is built on the premise that climate change is the single biggest existential thread facing humanity. To this end, I bring a multi-disciplinary approach to solve one of the defining questions of our future – how can global economies usher in sustainable energy development? There are many dimensions to answering this question, and the answers often depend on regional circumstances and the contours of the political economy. What works for a developed country like the United States will not work for a developing country like India.

Currently, over 80% of global primary energy is supplied by fossil fuels. While the recent growth in clean energy has been nothing short of a revolution, we need to reduce current emissions from carbon-intensive activities – energy production, electricity, buildings, industry, and transportation – as soon and as fast as possible. 

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