Hydraulic Fracturing and Sand Control

Mukul M. Sharma

Hugh Daigle

David N. Espinoza

John T. Foster

Benny Freeman

The Hydraulic Fracturing and Sand Control project, established in 2006, consists of 18 projects (16 related to fracturing and 2 related to sand control). Each member company contributes $50,000 per year as a grant to the University and in return receives all the research results from the projects underway.

Research Staff 

Jongsoo Hwang, Research Associate

Ajeetha Kamilla, Sr. Software Dev/Analyst

Rodney T. Russell, Research Engr. Scientist / Lab Manager

New projects

  • Fracturing and Reservoir Modeling of Geothermal Wells
  • Downhole Strain Measurements for Fracture Mapping
  • New Experimental Methods for Measuring Multi-Phase Properties of Shales

Major Projects 

Fracture Modeling 

  • Perforation Cluster Design Using Perf Cluster Designer
  • Fracture Design and Well Placement in Multi-Well Pads: Fully 3D Fracture Models
    • New Develoopments in Multi-Frac-3D
    • Applications of Multi-Frac-3D
  • Re-fracturing Horizontal Wells
  • Fracture Growth in Naturally Fractured Rocks: Multi-Frac-NF

Integrated Fracturing and Geomechanical Reservoir Simulators 

  • Fully Compositional & Black Oil Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Simulators:
    • Multi-Frac-3D:  A New Fully Compositional Reservoir and Fracturing Simulator
    • Applications of Multi-Frac-3D: Huff-n-Puff gas injection IOR
  • Modeling Well Performance and Decline Curves for Wells with complex Fracture Netowrks: Choke Mangement
  • Fracturing and Reservoir Modeling of Geothermal Wells

Shale – Fluid Interactions 

  • Fracture Conductivity of Unpropped Fractures in Shales
    • Shale-fluid interactions, proppant embedment and fracture conductivity
  • New Experimental Methods for Measuring Multi-Phase Properties of Shales
    • Measuring permeability, wetability, oil saturation and oil recovery
  • Experimental Measurement of Oil Recovery in Shales: Huff-n-Puff Gas Injection

Fracture Diagnostics 

  • Advances in DFIT Analysis: DFIT-Maestro
  • Interpretation of Water Hammer Pressure Transient Data for Fracture Diagnostics
  • Intra / Inter-well Pressure Interference Analysis: Pressure Interference Testing (PITA)
  • Flowback Tracer Analysis for Fracture Diagnostics
  • Fracture Diagnostics Using EM Methods
  • Downhole Strain Measurements for Fracture Mapping

Sand  Control                                               

  • Prediction of Sand Failure and Sand Production: Sand Manager 2.0
  • Application of Multi-Frac-3D to Water Injection Wells


Member Companies

BP America

Cairn India

Chevron ETC



Devon Energy





Saudi Aramco


Southwestern Energy


 How to Join 

To become a sponsor of the Hydraulic Fracturing & Sand Control Project, notify Mukul Sharma, stating your interest or intent. We will then send you a research participation agreement to be executed by your company and The University of Texas. You can contact us by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail as follows:

Dr. Mukul M. Sharma
Center for Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
200 E. Dean Keeton St. Stop C0304
CPE 2.502
Austin, Texas 78712

Phone: (512) 471-3257
Fax: (512) 471-9605

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: https://research.engr.utexas.edu/sharma/hfsc