Mukul M. Sharma

John T. Foster

The Hydraulic Fracturing and Sand Control project, established in 2006, consists of 18 projects (16 related to fracturing and 2 related to sand control). Each member company contributes $50,000 per year as a grant to the University and in return receives all the research results from the projects underway.

Research Staff 

Jongsoo Hwang, Research Associate

Ajeetha Kamilla, Sr. Software Dev/Analyst

Rodney T. Russell, Research Engr. Scientist / Lab Manager

New projects

  • Fracturing and Reservoir Modeling of Geothermal Wells
  • Downhole Strain Measurements for Fracture Mapping
  • New Experimental Methods for Measuring Multi-Phase Properties of Shales

Major Projects 

Fracture Modeling 

  • Perforation Cluster Design Using Perf Cluster Designer
  • Fracture Design and Well Placement in Multi-Well Pads: Fully 3D Fracture Models
    • New Develoopments in Multi-Frac-3D
    • Applications of Multi-Frac-3D
  • Re-fracturing Horizontal Wells
  • Fracture Growth in Naturally Fractured Rocks: Multi-Frac-NF

Integrated Fracturing and Geomechanical Reservoir Simulators 

  • Fully Compositional & Black Oil Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Simulators:
    • Multi-Frac-3D:  A New Fully Compositional Reservoir and Fracturing Simulator
    • Applications of Multi-Frac-3D: Huff-n-Puff gas injection IOR
  • Modeling Well Performance and Decline Curves for Wells with complex Fracture Netowrks: Choke Mangement
  • Fracturing and Reservoir Modeling of Geothermal Wells

Shale – Fluid Interactions 

  • Fracture Conductivity of Unpropped Fractures in Shales
    • Shale-fluid interactions, proppant embedment and fracture conductivity
  • New Experimental Methods for Measuring Multi-Phase Properties of Shales
    • Measuring permeability, wetability, oil saturation and oil recovery
  • Experimental Measurement of Oil Recovery in Shales: Huff-n-Puff Gas Injection

Fracture Diagnostics 

  • Advances in DFIT Analysis: DFIT-Maestro
  • Interpretation of Water Hammer Pressure Transient Data for Fracture Diagnostics
  • Intra / Inter-well Pressure Interference Analysis: Pressure Interference Testing (PITA)
  • Flowback Tracer Analysis for Fracture Diagnostics
  • Fracture Diagnostics Using EM Methods
  • Downhole Strain Measurements for Fracture Mapping

Sand  Control                                               

  • Prediction of Sand Failure and Sand Production: Sand Manager 2.0
  • Application of Multi-Frac-3D to Water Injection Wells


Member Companies

BP America

Cairn India

Chevron ETC



Devon Energy





Saudi Aramco


Southwestern Energy


 How to Join 

To become a sponsor of the Hydraulic Fracturing & Sand Control Project, notify Mukul Sharma, stating your interest or intent. We will then send you a research participation agreement to be executed by your company and The University of Texas. You can contact us by mail, phone, fax, or e-mail as follows:

Dr. Mukul M. Sharma
Center for Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
200 E. Dean Keeton St. Stop C0304
CPE 2.502
Austin, Texas 78712

Phone: (512) 471-3257
Fax: (512) 471-9605

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