The University of Texas at Austin has collaborated with Colorado School of Mines and The Pennsylvania State University to design and create online courses for oil and gas professionals, focusing on the fundamental technology, science, and engineering of oil and gas operations.

Since 2012, we have delivered more than 42,000 hours of content to professionals as part of our flagship program for field inspectors and regulatory personnel. Now we are making these high-quality online courses available to professionals, educators, and students who would like a better understanding of the ever-changing technology in the industry.


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Petroleum Geology & Engineering

This course is designed to provide a broad overview of the historical, economic, and scientific context of modern energy exploration and production. It looks at global economic interdependencies in the energy sector and explains the science of petroleum geology.

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Petroleum Technology

This course introduces the technologies that make drilling and completions possible, typical operational methods for drilling and completing wells, and methods for solving problems that come up during the drilling process.

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Environmental Stewardship

This course covers the intersection between the oil and gas industry and the wider environment. It starts with an overview of the global water cycle and the energy-water nexus before closely examining the other concerns. The course ends with an overview of sustainable development as a best practice in all industrial environments.

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Emerging Trends & Communications

Split evenly between communications & rhetorical strategies and emerging technical & industrial concerns, this is the most varied of the courses. It provides an overview of hydraulic fracturing, induced seismicity, and subsurface containment, before a deep-dive in the best practice of how to talk about these complicated processes.

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