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Principal Investigator:  Dr. Ryosuke Okuno      


The  Energi Simulation industrial affiliate program on Carbon UTilization and Storage (ES Carbon UT), established in 2021, consists of 6 major projects in the areas of carbon capture/conversion/transportation/storage, enhanced oil recovery (EOR), and hydrogen energy. Each member company contributes $75,000 per year as a grant to the University and in return receives all the research results from the program.

Major Projects

  • Development of novel functional solvents for CO2 capture (e.g., surface-active amines)
  • CO2 removal by enhanced weathering
  • Electrification of CO2 conversion processes (e.g., bicarbonate electrolysis)
  • Control over CO2 plume and trapping mechanisms using engineered fluids and materials (e.g., mineral carbonation in basalt, and use of nanofluids for wettability control)
  • Formate species as carbon and hydrogen carriers and/or as an EOR agent
  • Aqueous nanobubble dispersion of CO2
  • CO2 transport and storage in tight porous media
  • Carbon emission reduction in oil recovery from unconventional reservoirs (heavy oil and tight oil)
  • Economic analysis of carbon management value chains

Software Development

  • Tight Reservoir Simulator, TigRes
  • Thermodynamic PVT package (cubic EOS and GERG 2008)

Member Companies

Cosmo Energy Exploration & Production
Energi Simulation 
Formosa Petrochemical 
Idemitsu Kosan 
Japan Petroleum Exploration 
JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration 
Nissan Chemical