This program is part of a research cluster at The University of Texas at Austin with the mission to help enable a hydrogen economy. (

Faculty Supervisors / Researchers

Hugh Daigle

Mojdeh Delshad

Ryosuke Okuno

Kamy Sepehrnoori


  • Understanding the properties of H2-related fluids and the generation and storage of H2 in oil reservoirs.(Okuno)
  • Predictions of sealing capacity and assessment of seal failure.(Daigle)
  • Computational modeling and experimental measurements of multiphase flow properties of rocks during reactive transport. Experimental tools include nuclear magnetic resonance, capillary pressure, and gas sorption measurements for quantification of rock microstructure. Computational tools include flow models like lattice-Boltzmann and pore network modeling and machine learning-based models of rock properties on a geospatial and facies-by-facies basis.(Daigle)
  • Adaptation of a non-isothermal, compositional gas reservoir simulator for H2 storage and withdrawal from depleted oil/gas reservoirs or aquifers with consideration for geological integrity and rock-fluid/fluid-fluid interaction. Ultimate development of a robust, fast screening tool to select suitable geologic H2 storage reservoirs.(Delshad, Sepehrnoori)