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The University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin) Multi-scale Rock Physics of Unconventional and Carbonate Reservoirs IAP focuses on developing advanced methods and workflows for integrating multi-scale formation data (i.e., measured physical properties of rock-fluid systems from pore to reservoir scale) to enhance reservoir characterization of challenging formations. Examples of such formations include spatially heterogeneous, tight, unconventional (e.g., organic-rich mudrocks), and carbonate formations. The term unconventional refers to formations with complex pore/matrix structure and composition, where conventional rock physics methods fail to perform reliably. We jointly analyze the outcomes from experimental data, analytical rock physics model development, and numerical modeling to evaluate static and dynamic formation properties for reliable characterization of challenging reservoirs, with the intent to enhance production and recovery factors.

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Associate Professor
Ph.D. Students
Almostafa Alhadi
Dissertation Topic: TBD
Isa Silveira de Arauio
Dissertation Topic: Quantifying the Impact of Geochemistry on Rock Physical Properties of Organic-Rich Mudrocks
Zulkuf Azizoglu
Dissertation Topic: Modeling and Interpretation of Multi-Frequency Electromagnetic Measurements in the Presence of Complex Mineralogy and Pore Structure
Sabyasachi Dash
Dissertation Topic: Enhanced Assessment of Petrophysical Properties in Organic-Rich Mudrocks Honoring Rock Fabric and Geochemistry
Andres Gonzalez
Dissertation Topic: Quantification of Rock Fabric through Multi-scale and Multi-physics Image Data for Rock Typing and Enhanced Formation Evaluation
Jinchuan Hu
Dissertation Topic: TBD
Archana Jagadisan
Dissertation Topic: Multiscale characterization of the impacts of geochemistry and reservoir conditions on the wettability of kerogen and organic-rich mudrocks and its influence on dynamic petrophysical properties
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