Ultra-short to No formal hydrophobe based surface active solvents and surfactants for Chemical EOR
Tuesday, February 14, 2023, Noon Central
CSEE Webinar

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These surface-active solvents and surfactants can be used advantageously in several Chemical EOR applications. The surface active solvents have been shown to improve polymer flooding, viscous oil recovery, unconventional oil recovery, ACP(alkaline-cosolvent-polymer) applications, etc. Several of these processes have the potential of going to field trials. The raw materials used to make these surface active materials are abundantly available and should be a definite plus for commercial productions.

Dr. Upali Peter Weerasooriya started his professional career with a B.Sc (Honors) degree in Chemistry Special from the University of Sri Lanka in 1971. After 4 years of Industry experience, he proceeded to USA to do an M.S degree in Chemistry at Bowling Green State University in Ohio (1975 – 1977), followed by a Ph.D degree at The University of Texas at Austin. After graduation in 1980, he worked in the Chemical EOR program in the Chemistry department until 1983 before joining British Petroleum in Cleveland, OH. Next, he joined Conoco Chemicals in Ponca City, OK and stayed there until early retirement in 2000. He then joined Harcros Chemicals in Kansas City, KS until retirement as V.P and CTO in 2008. Upali returned to The University of Texas in 2008 and joined the Faculty of CPGE (now CSEE) and retired in 2016. He currently serves as Senior Scientist Advisor in CSEE. During his professional career in the U.S, Upali has received many awards, notable among which are Best Scientist Award (Global) from the American Oil Chemists Society in 1999 and around 100 Patents and Patent Applications. Along with Dr. Gary Pope, Upali Weerasooriya was a Principal in the formation of Ultimate EOR Services, LLC. in Austin, TX. Upali also serves on the Board of Directors of Harcros Global operations and three Indian Chemical Companies (Venus, Esteem Industries, and Grand Organics). Upali is also the Founder of Dr. Upali Weerasooriya family Foundation doing philanthropic work in the U.S as well as in Sri Lanka. In 2019, Upali was awarded the Guardian award from Austin Childrens Shelter / SAFE.