The InterPore Medal for Porous Media Research is given to scientists with an established career, in recognition of excellent research in general porous media, with emphasis on research conducted over the past 10 years. This years winner is Dr. Masa Prodanovic.

The award committee writes: “Dr. Prodanović has made truly outstanding contributions to the porous media community, in particular in the areas of modeling multiphase interfaces in porous and fractured media; multiscale characterization and modeling of microporosity in carbonates, salt and unconventional reservoirs; and modeling of transport of particulate suspensions and ferrofluids. She is a prolific researcher and has co-authored 69 refereed journal papers, 42 conference papers, one book, two book chapters, and 22 datasets. Dr. Prodanović is a cyberinfrastructure pioneer; she is maintaining an open and easy-to-use repository called Digital Rocks Portal (DRP). The platform allows visual organization images such as 3D/4D x-ray microtomography and focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy and related experimental measurements of different porous materials, remote visualization through the web browser, basic image analysis and referencing them via digital object identifiers (DOIs).”