October 22, 2020
10am - 1pm

We are pleased to announce a mini-course and challenge to promote visualization and reuse of 3D images of porous materials that are stored in the open data repository Digital Rocks Portal (DRP).

Registration link: https://forms.gle/evwkJEQfJ4oNGuFr5

The course will be taught by Drs. Prodanović and McClure and cover the visualization basics for potential competitors, as well as set up with Jupyter Notebook and Python notebooks that instruct them how to directly download or resample data from Digital Rocks Portal. Participating in the mini-course or using exact same tools is not the requirement for the Visualization Challenge, but simply a preferred and scalable option of the course instructors. The course is open to anyone who registers and will be recorded (and available on Dr. Prodanović’ YouTube channel), and the material posted on GitHub, and both will be linked to Digital Rocks Portal webpage.