Multi-purpose Reservoir Simulator (MPS)

Kamy Sepehrnoori
Friday, March 5, 2021, 12 – 1pm


An overview of several ongoing reservoir simulation research projects will be presented. Specifically, the talk will focus on development of various modules for a multi-purpose reservoir simulator (MPS) that has been under development for the last several years. Various modules for simulating different enhanced oil recovery processes in both conventional and unconventional reservoirs have been developed and implemented. MPS is designed to perform accurate and efficient high-resolution simulation for large complex problems using desktop computers as well as parallel processing on clusters. MPS  also contains a module for prediction and mitigation of flow assurance issues such as scales and asphaltenes in wellbores and reservoirs. A dual porosity module and an embedded discrete fracture module for miscible gas injection in naturally fractured reservoirs have also been added. The outcome of this project is a multi-purpose reservoir simulator for oil recovery processes in naturally-fractured reservoirs and hydraulically fractured shale plays from lab to field scales.


Dr. Kamy Sepehrnoori is a professor in the Hildebrand Department of Petro­leum and Geosystems Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin, where he holds the Texaco Centennial Chair in Pe­troleum Engineering. His research inter­est and teaching include computational methods, reservoir simulation, simulation of unconventional reservoirs, enhanced oil recovery modeling, flow assurance model­ing, naturally fractured reservoirs, high-performance computing, and CO2 sequestration. He has been teaching at The University of Texas for over 35 years and has graduated more than 230 MS and PhD students under his supervision working mainly in the areas of reservoir simulation and enhanced oil recovery modeling. For the last several years, he has been supervising a research group in simulation of unconventional reservoirs (shale gas and tight oil reservoirs). Sepehrnoori’s research team along with his colleagues have been in charge of development of several composi­tional reservoir simulators (i.e., UTCOMPRS, UTCHEMRS, and UT­GEL). Also, more recently, he supervised the development of a software package for embedded discrete fracture modeling for application in nat­urally and hydraulically fractured reservoirs. He has published over 650 articles in journals and conference proceedings in his research areas. He has also coauthored three books, which have been published by Elsevier. Sepehrnoori is the director of the Reservoir Simulation Joint Industry Project in the Center for Subsurface Energy and the Environment. He holds a PhD degree in petroleum engineering from The University of Texas at Austin.