Nanoparticles for Subsurface Engineering

Hugh Daigle

Chun Huh

Paul Bommer

Larry W. Lake

Thomas E. Milner (Biomedical Engineering)

Kishore Mohanty

Mukul M. Sharma

Eric van Oort

Novel nanoscale structured materials, in the form of solid composites, complex fluids, and functional nanoparticle-fluid combinations, are bringing major technological advances in many industries due to the orders-of-magnitude increase in interfacial area and the associated excess stress / chemical potential. Current projects include use of nanoparticle-stabilized CO2 foams and emulsions for mobility and conformance control for various EOR processes, use of magnetic nanoparticles for enhanced formation sensing, magnetic heating for flow assurance, and a suite of other applications.

Example Projects

Far-field and near-wellbore changes in permeability in depleted anisotropic formations

Rock properties from resisitivity measurements during leak-off tests


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