Life-of-Well Rock, Fluid, and Stress Systems: Wider Windows

Ken Gray 

Maša Prodanović 

David DiCarlo 

Jon Holder 

Evgeny Podnos 

Sebnem Ozupek 

Matt Balhoff 

Zhi Ye

Hugh Daigle 

Nicolas Espinoza 

Chadi El Mortar 

The Wider Windows Industrial Affiliate Program seeks basic understanding of the physics involved in ROP optimizations, well control, wellbore stability, formation damage, and lost circulation in the wellbore and near-wellbore regions while using overbalanced, underbalanced, or casing drilling techniques. These topics are central to well construction activities and costs everywhere. Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD), Dynamic Density Control (DDC), and real-time, automated drilling interests are expanding, both for efficiency and HSE reasons. Workable solutions to a host of practical, operational problems require better understanding of the fundamental, local, and interacting time-dependent processes at work during the complex sequences of events that constitute well construction. 

Example Projects

Far-field and near-wellbore changes in permeability in depleted, anisotropic formations

Rock properties from resistivity measurements during leak-off tests


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